Overhead Storage Racks


Heavy-Duty Overhead Garage Storage

In today’s world, you can never have enough storage space. With our line of overhead garage storage racks, SCV Garage Professionals offers an affordable, heavy-duty storage solution that can be easily installed in a wide variety of residential and commercial spaces. These racks make it possible to keep bulky items off the floor, freeing up valuable square-footage without sacrificing wall-space.

Features and Advantages:

• Built from heavy gauge steel  • White, powder-coated finish  • Up to 700 lbs. bearing capacity  • Keeps items away from mice and rates  • High quality construction  • Fast assembly and installation

Powder Coated Finish

Our overhead garage storage racks are finished with a high quality powder coated treatment.  Also made using some of the heaviest gauge steel on the market today. Ensuring a durable framework and heavy-duty bearing capacity. is capable of holding up to 700 lbs. thanks to the heavy-duty materials and impeccable workmanship found in our products.



Space Saving Ideas

Many times there are un-used areas above the garage door which is never thought of as a storage area. SCV Garage Professionals has years of experience  to come up with creative ways to save space to meet all of your storage needs.

Seasonal Items

These overhead racks are perfect for those once a year seasonal items that you store in tubs and are only required to retreive once per year. SCV Garage Professionals would love to help you finally get organized.

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